Frequently Asked Questions

Can a fresher with no experience participate? Can a student participate? Can someone without a Computer Science degree participate? Can someone looking to transition into a development career participate?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

What type of project should I build?

In short, showcase your best work! Build an industry-level project (intermediate to advanced level). You don’t want to build a calculator or a tic-tac-toe game. Our hiring partners expect some good projects so that it’s easier for them to judge our participants’ skillset better.
Can you build something like:
- facebook, i.e. a social media tool
slack, i.e. a realtime communication tool
flipkart, i.e. an e-commerce tool
evernote, i.e. a powerful note taking tool
blogger, i.e. a content management system
Take anything big and build your version. Build a Tinder for books, and name it Binder :P. Build Facebook for non-profits and volunteers. Build Instagram for quotes only. Or build any intermediate or advance level project that your course teaches you. You can go to Product Hunt and look for more inspiration / ideas.

Can I make an API as one of the projects?

You definitely can! Think about the extra things you can do in the project. Write tests for your API. Write good documentation.

Do I need to think of an entirely new idea?

No, you're not being judged for innovation so it's perfectly fine to create a clone of an existing app. But you'll be judged on the complexity of your code, so use your judgment and clone Tinder instead of a calculator.

Can I submit old projects?

Yes. Note that you can only submit 5 projects so use the slots wisely.

Is this limited to React projects?

No, you can work on any web stack. Most of our hiring partners have openings for React, Vue, and Angular so using these would increase your chances of getting hired.

Can I create all my projects using the same tech stack?

Think about it. The aim is to impress someone enough that they hire you, right? How will you impress someone by showing projects? Two ways:
- Work on different tech and domains, and show that you have breadth.
- Work on the same tech and domain, but create some breathtaking features to show that you have depth.
We leave it to you all. Decide what you want to showcase - your depth, or your breadth.

How do I show variety in my portfolio?

Here are some examples to show variety (pick any 5):
- Back-end on Node
- Node plus GraphQL
- React Native app
- A Chrome / VS Code / Firefox plugin
- A React app
- One more React app
- A vanilla JS app (this will help you in interviews as well)
- HTML5 canvas based game
- A React app with offline capabilities i.e. PWA
- Publish your npm packages with tests, docs and versioning.
Note that this is not a comprehensive list - your project does not need to fall into one of the above examples.

Are group projects allowed?

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Noo!

I have another query!

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