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Our Inspiration

We ran a job challenge earlier this year from March to June and got 10+ students placed in various companies as interns and full-time employees. Our hiring partners are quite happy with the quality of hires and are looking to hire more. This led to a bigger launch of our program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire from you?

Resumes are dead. They fail to provide an assessment of skills required on the job. When you partner with us, we show you a portfolio of projects which helps you judge a candidate better than any DS / Algo questions.

Wait, our first screening round relies on DS / Algo questions!

We strongly suggest you to remove that in favor of proof of work, which also shows a high-level overview of the candidate’s communication skills. When you hire from us, you can and should skip that round.

Does it cost anything?

Yes, we charge you a month's salary for every hire.


Tanay Pratap
(Developer, Microsoft)
Swapnil Agarwal
(Developer, ex-Amazon)

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